About this blog

I’ve had this will of having my own blog since so far in the past. I wanted to have a personal space, a space where I can engrave the important milestones of my life, a space where I can expose my way of seeing things, a space where I can share my experience in this life and share opinions with others.

I believe that sharing whatever one thinks is always useful and might help somebody somewhere, I believe that opinions, experience and ideas can help others figure out a solution for some situations they could be facing and maybe learn something new that can help reach a set objective. I believe that a random post somewhere could inspire somebody somewhere else and could even trigger a rational change for the best.

Sometimes it is all about how to know to make a projection of someone’s experience on your own present, how to analyse a fact and pull a vision from it, or even it’s all about just hearing from somebody who has been there once.

This how I figured out an expression, which can sum up all this in one sentence. A sentence which  can be he adequate one to start this blog:

Share what you know, know what you share 


So I hope my posts will be helpful to you and don’t forget to share if you find them useful for the others

Have a good reading :)

Achraf Aouadi
Expat Tunisian Engineer,
Social Engagement Promoter,
Occasional Photographer &Traveller

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