Highlights: My Engineer Diploma Thesis, Stuttgart, Germany

“Mitfahrgelegenheit”, “Stau”, “Scheiβe”, Those were the first three new words I had learnt during the first hours of my first abroad long-staying experience, Just after my landing in Frankfurt Airtport, Germany. A very special and life-changing experience that I would never forget and that I would wish for each one of my friends. There, I realized that I had made the good choice, between Germany and Sweden. None could have guessed what would have happened in Sweden though, I don’t regret my choice anyway.

Frankfurt Flughafen, März 16

“Car-sharing” (or carpooling), “traffic jam” and “shit”. Those are the words I got them from a Russian young man, in his serie 4 BMW running over than 190Km/h on the most-left side of the “Deutsche Autobahn” between Frankfurt and Stuttgart, not a very high speed though, it was Friday afternoon and the road was “crowded”, a great stuff to start this experience with. Then it just became a routine for the rest of my staying. Germany is the only country where the most left side of the high way has no speed limit. Something definitely not to miss, to try at least once in one’s life.

die Frankfurt - Stuttgart Deutsche Autobahn

First night in my student village room, number B208, in the “Studentenwerk Stuttgart” of Ludwigsburg, first weekend to discover the neighborhood and Stuttgart city-center, first day at my Engineer Diploma Thesis at Bosch, and introducing myself to the Monitoring team of the Gasoline Systems for Electric and Hybrid cars division (GS-EH), first German traditional meal which was the Kartoffelsalat! First German evening-course class session in “Volkshoschschule” Stuttgart, and first fully-held German conversation in the street, those were the highlights of my first days. Then, it’s just crazy how days and weeks and months just run faster and you get used to the routine so that you don’t realize it till the end of your staying.

Studentenwerk Stuttgart, Ludwigsburg

“Automotive Embedded Systems” was the topic of my thesis, it took me just less than a week to completely fall in love with it. Such a great topic for embedded systems fans which gives you also extra leads in the automotive large world like Gasoline / Diesel Engine Injection, Hybrid Cars (cars that function with both Gasoline and Electric Energy), and Advanced Driving Assistance Systems. I just wish this industry is developed enough in Tunisia.

GS-EH Bosch Division

6 months of learning science and language, 6 months spent with great international people, 6 months living in Stuttgart, and weekends visiting mainly Munich, Berlin and Lake Constance near the Swiss borders. Things I would never forget.

An experience abroad, to recommend definitely !

My sincere greetings to the awesome people I have lived with: Haykel, Elias und Carmen Zarga, Lei Chen, Drilon Bunjaku, Valon Gojani,   Ilir Murturi, Asdren Hoxha, Farouk Medahi, Abdallah Souissi, Arun Sidd, Abhijit Sawarkar, Abdennaceur Mansour, Markus Manthey, Krithika Murthy, Stephan Reuscher and

Group photo, last day at work

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