I see people…

I see old poor people sleeping on the ground all day long, all night long. I see kids and children selling anything useful for wealthy people just to survive. 6-year-old children. I see other people looking at them with disgust, with no mercy, with no compassion, with indifference. Some people blame them as if it is all their fault, is it ? What makes us so sure it was their fault ? Do we know who the guilty is in their story ? It could be them, but it could also be an alcoholic father, a horrible mother, a divorced family… or just fate. I see homeless people getting too much judgemental looks, too little help, too little compassion. This is a society that wants to build a better country.

I see gentleman and women leaving their own country, planning to never come back. Why ? It is too damaged to live in, too clumsy to support, too future-random to believe in. I see gentlemen and women behaving like they don’t belong to that country, like they are too smart and wealthy to spend a life in, like they are never born there. I see people ungrateful to what education gave them, ungrateful to what society taught them, ungrateful to what that country provided them with. I see the same kind of people who are still living in that country and already thinking so. This is a society that wants to build a stronger country.

I see people working all the daylight long, oversleeping at night, passive the rest of the day, thinking only of their own future, their own career, their own life. I see people who always take and never give. I see passive people who want, watch and wait for others to make their life better. I see people who always follow the crowd and talk in its behind. I see too many people who are grown and old enough and they still haven’t done anything to make one single thing around better, anything to fix one single noticeable defect somewhere, anything to make their community, society, country a little less damaged, a little more better. I see too much people thinking only of themselves. Selfishness has conquered us in a serious, maybe irreversible way. This is a society that wants to bring pride to their country.

Are these people the future of a country ? How much do they present in a society ? 90% ? A very scary number, less ? Still a scary number…

2 Comments on “I see people…

  1. Je vois des gens s’immiscer dans les choix personnels des autres et se voulant incarner les chantres de la pensée patriotique et des nobles valeurs de je ne sais quel dogme nationaliste. Et pourquoi pas un pacte patriotique à la sauce G.W Bush ? Je trouve ton analyse très puérile et démunie de tout sens pragmatique. Oui je veux quitter ce pays car je n’y trouve plus mon bonheur. Suis-je censé déprimer pour une pseudo-cause patriotique qui embrasse la misère et appelle à la sainte inquisition ? NON ! Oui je réfléchis à mon avenir, à ma carrière, à ma vie car personne d’autre ne le fera à ma place. Tu fais l’amalgame entre réussir et être égoïste. Si tu veux exhorter les gens à donner et à partager, commence par changer ce ton de dégoût envers ceux qui ne partagent pas tes chimères. Désolé Achraf d’être de moeurs si crues ce soir, mais je n’ai pas aimé cet article malgré sa qualité rédactionnelle et encore moins cet esprit hautin que tu ne dérobes tout au long de l’article. Il donne l’image d’un donneur de leçons à deux balles, qualificatif qui ne te va pas du tout.


  2. Happiness does not depend on where we live, happiness depends on what we do, on how we live.
    People who have changed the world, have changed their countries devoted themselves to do so. If everyone will only think of himself. We would have never had one of these people…
    So we have got here two ways. Some choose the first, some choose the second.


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