See you Tunisia

Soon a new milestone will be reached. A new road starts appearing from the horizon, a road which shorten the objective I have been determined to achieve. Back to Germany, where I have left something undone, unachieved. The style of life must be changed with another one, like changing the music to fit your current state of soul. A transitory state is then risen, which I am, as a person who is comfortable with stability, very bad at. My motivations are revised, but some things I’ll be missing, will slow them down.

I’ll miss walking in the crowded streets of Tunis, heading so fast somewhere -an NGO meeting usually- that I was obliged sometimes to walk on the metro railways to avoid slow-walking people. I’ll miss hearing and seeing people speaking my mother tongue. People I know -or I think I know- how they think and how they behave, just because I have lived 24 years with. See you Tunisia…

I’ll miss close friends with whom I share my way of thinking, close friends I used to meet with and discuss, plan and create ideas for the our community’s sake. Ideas the majority agree with, but only a minority can find the time, motivation and the efforts to realize. I’ll miss attending interesting events, youth-oriented and national meetings and forums, only to see who organizers and get to know fantastic people who got involved to contribute to their success. See you Tunisia…

I’ll miss Tunisian traditional fast food, something I have known its real value, even when it is sometomes unhealthy, since my appendectomy 4 months before. Meals like Lablebi at Hattab’s or Ojja followed by the famous Milkshake of Chouchou or a Chapati Elmahdia next to the Africa Hotel will certainly create a stomach-wishes emptiness. Only those small things create big memories. See you Tunisia…

I’ll miss the famous national and political TV-programs with political, blogging and press celebrities debating the latest local events and manifestations and tweeting in the meantime. I’ll miss zapping between national TV-channels, just to see who the hell is there tonight, what the hell he is talking about. See you soon Tunisia…

A new milestone will be reached soon. A new community will be mine soon. A new way of life should be changed soon. Something I am very bad at. See you Tunisia…

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