Just graduated? Ok then what’s next?

It’s the end of the year, final year students are on the top of the stress curve. The last days of the Bachelor / Master / Engineer Diploma Thesis, everything is in rush, not much time anymore. Then suddenly comes the graduation party, we celebrate, we wish all the best for our friends and classmates. We get the diploma then in at some moment: we go home.

First idea that comes to our minds: I’m gonna just relax for a couple of months. I really deserve that, I wanna taste, what doing nothing, looks like. Pretty logical, it makes sense. However, when you ask some alumni of the university, they would discourage you. “Your classmates will get all hired and you will stay the last one”, “later it’s harder to find a job than when you are just graduated”, “That was the mistake of my life!”. Those are the main answers that an alumnus might tell. I largely agree, from my personal experience and from people I know, with what they say. Moreover, graduates will take all, in a way or another, those two months of doing nothing: it takes approximately one month to start applying for positions. It takes also one month to get a feedback and with scheduling the interviews. And of course there are usually at least 2 to 3 weeks after getting accepted in a company and the starting date: 3 or 3 months of doing nothing ? here they are already !

ENSI Graduation days, 3 generations already
ENSI Graduation days, 3 generations already

Another idea that could also come to others’ minds: travel, discover a new country, start a career abroad, an international career. Making an experience abroad has been always the objective of some graduates. Reasoning: work will come later, let’s gather some international experience, discover a new country, a new way of living and learn a new language. Of course this will come at the expense of getting a stable job position in your home country with a good salary. But it is also valuable for one’s personality, one’s CV, and for a better salary later. It’s something that not all of us have got. Think of an internship abroad (through AIESEC or IAESTE or even through individual applications) or applying to some kind international graduate program like the one I am taking part of (Pilot Project of the Promotion of the Legal Mobility of Tunisian High-Qualified Graduates) or the ones provided by some companies. Living something original and different has also its personal and professional advantages now and later.

After all, it’s a question of choice, a question of a vision, a question of an attitude. We should only make the right choice, so that we don’t regret it later. Happy choice making for all!

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