Because only tiny details can make a significant difference

As a member of the Pilot Project of the Promotion of the Legal Mobility of High-skilled Graduates of Tunisia, I was placed, after studying German full-time for 5 months, in a small city to make a 6-month internship at Continental Automotive GmbH.

Before moving out and after some googling, I found that this city, Villingen-Schwenningen, is a really small one, situated literally in the ass of the world, in the Black Forest, a known region in the south-western of Germany. I confirmed my theoretical research when I moved in on July the first. A 80 000-people-city (yes this is nothing in Germany), a small deserted central station, buses are used more than anything else. Ever since I have been thinking: how the hell am I going to spend 6 months of my life in this hole?

So I take the buses everyday to go to work and I was surprised of what I had discovered. In Germany and some other countries, it’s very common that the names of the different stops are pronounced inside the bus. But I was used of a dry, robotic, emotionless voice. In Villingen-Schwenningen it was different. The idea is that every stop is pronounced by a kid-voice, a funny, very young and innocent voice. Also, every different stop is pronounced by a different young kid-voice. The final stop, which is usually a main stop or station, is itself pronounced by all the participating kids at the same time in a funny sarcastic way. You are then forced to smile, laugh and even making jokes when you hear them. Your mood becomes better, it is morning, you are heading to work and you smile. Hearing this every time makes for people their day!

It is a simple and easy to make original ideas that have been applied not in the capital, not in important big city, but rather in a small normal simple one… Costs ? A little. Impact? A lot.

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