How a 40-hour-a-week job boosts you career, or kills your creativity

When you successfully finish university, and finally get rid of the stress of the exams, you will be, like every fresh graduate, full of motivation, positiveness and optimism, with ideas to change the world with your newly-acquired skills, and also enough energy to stay focused to reach your next milestone: find great job and start to contribute to your country’s economy as an active citizen in the community.

Having finally found it – and that could take a while, and when the euphoria period and the learning phase are over, it will take some time, around 2 years to start to feel the routine and realize either that you get perfectly along and comfortable with what you do and you really like it and keen to take the following career step. Either will you get definitely sure that such a life style of 40 working hours a week at some random company with “Waiting for the next weekend” as the main goal is not what you are meant to accomplish in this world.

That’s when you start to reconsider your objectives. I would prefer to skip the possibility that you will give up thinking about that and forget it as it is useless to complicate your life for some fantasy and just accept this kind of rhythm, and I would jump to the second possibility of having found out what really makes you wake up smiling and full of energy, motivation and new ideas every morning.

I see the corporate world divided into 2 groups: people working for someone to do what he wants and what he sees right, according to his process, his way and his strategy. And people doing what they see right, set their own process and according to their vision and following their own strategy, people who are their own bosses.


There are several fine lines in between, which will decide for you to follow either ways, or type of lives. Do you think proactively enough to be able to find what you want to do and accomplish in your life? Do you have the needed courage, will and the boldness to dare to unfollow the crowd and figure out your own way? Are you surrounded by people who believe in you and support you in whatever you will undertake? It may take time to be able to answer those questions, but it’s only then, when start to feel that you are born again…

to follow…

3 Comments on “How a 40-hour-a-week job boosts you career, or kills your creativity

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