[Part 1] Answers every graduate should have known before

As young engineers, we wish we understood many questions BEFORE wehad the situation. Based on experiences and real-life case studie, let’s break it down.

Does it really matter, which school youa have graduated from ?

Basically, no. Hypothetically, yes.

The reason why this could be an issue is because big schools give you a bigger network. Small schools give you a small network. So if we knew 10 people, those 10 people could find us work or opportunities. But, if we know 100 people, those 100 people will definitely find us something (because we are 10x more likely to find work). It all depends on how we use the network to get what we want.

As for engineering, the school doesn’t matter unless we want to get into business, politics or law. If not, just focus on the fundamentals of what motivates us to do engineering. If you focus on what brought us there (whether it’s money, passion for creating things or just the exam’s ranking), we will do the work to make it.

Do we care about what we do? Our network will only depend on that. Focus. Your school won’t matter.

How do I make myself stand out from other candidates ?

In order to stand out, we need to show our unique qualities that makes us different from the other applicants. The problem for most employers is that they don’t see any qualities about us through our resume because we don’t describe them. That is why, even through we may be a great candidate, our resume may not come through because it simply doesn’t show our personal qualities that could help the employer’s business. So,

not easy to find...
not easy to find…

 let us focus on one quality that makes us different.

How do you do that? Take anything that you showed someone, ask yourself why you showed it to them and why you thought you could do it better than the other person. Take that quality and add it to every experience related to the qualification that you are applying for. Repeat and conquer (until you can clearly see that you look like a pro at … because of our one quality.

That will make you stand out. It you are having a problem determining what your quality is, just take a personality test. You will find 1 quality no matter what you take.

What kind of entry-level positions should we focus on ?

We need to look for places that have demand, not just any old place. Job hunting is hard because people don’t know where the demand is. Big companies always have a demand because they want fresh ideas, people are retiring and they want to be ahead of the game. Small companies only have a demand when they have a need for a specific role or are growing and would like to scale their processes.

So, in order to determine where the positions that are the MOST likely to hire us arweyou need to dig into the minds of those that are hiring and their industry. This is why industry magazines, conferences and others are good because they help us focus on what is important for the person we are applying for.

the job hunting cycle
the job hunting cycle


inspired from plusengineer.com

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