The pursuit of Happiness

You wake up everyday sleepy, confused and not really in the mood to start a new day ? Your daily commutes and your tasks at work have recently become a source of overwhelming routine ? Are you sometimes being too negative and pessimistic ? Well me too… So what to say ? Welcome to the club.

We, as human beings, are used to focus on things which are neither well set nor well done in our lives, or which could not be set or done at all. We complain about what is upsetting us. We focus on things we’ve always wanted to have and dreamed to do, but we somehow couldn’t make it so far to achieve them. We concentrate on what other people have in their lives -out of motivation- and we fail to become like them. So we feel frustrated, helpless.

We, as human beings, tend to forget too fast, sometimes too early. Just as an example, try to think about your last 10 years, or even about last year. What did you do ? Try to remember what you’ve achieved. Did you travel to some nice places ? Did you succeed your academical year at the university ? Did you get a promotion at work ? Did you win a competition ? Did you make you parents happy ? Did you get graduated ? Did you get engaged ? Married ? I can not ask all relevant questions, but I am sure I could wake up some nice memories through this handful of reflective questions.

Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being defined by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy
Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being defined by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy

The thing is, our life objectives are so volatile and dynamic. We once dreamed of finishing high school and start the great university life we have always heard about. We once dreamed to find an awesome internship. We once dreamed of graduating, of getting our first salary. We once dreamed of finding our soulmate, with whom we want to share our life. Our set of objectives rapidly changes, as soon as we reach some of them. We forget what we have reached and we even don’t celebrate it adequately, because we rapidly focus on a new set of objectives, the ones which have just been set for the future.

Thus we find ourselves chasing a moving target. We reach important milestones in our lives and we don’t take breaks to celebrate them and recharge batteries because we are just too busy focusing on the next milestone. We end up then run out of the little energy we still have. Time goes by, month by month and year by year. Then we suddenly realize that we are in a pursuit of a mirage, of a phantom…

What is happiness ? What is satisfaction in life ? What is the feeling of ease, comfort, having everything under control ? Are we focused on only one objective ? Or are we just juggling between too many ones ? Every and each one of us sometimes goes through this phase, where we feel lost in life, taken over by the rush of accumulated events. So we feel weak, desperate and discouraged.

If you ever feel so, just organize a comfortable atmosphere around you, calm down and just think about what you have been through, what you have achieved so far. Compare yourself now with where you were one year ago. A good idea would be to write down 10 things we are thankful for, things we are happy to have in our life. Things at which we smile when we think about. Just do this, take sometime to contemplate your present in comparison with your past and you will realize the progress you have made… And you will smile :-)


2 Comments on “The pursuit of Happiness

  1. This is amazing , thank you for sharing such great words. You are definitely giving more than you will ever receive..


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