My top 5 in-nature destinations in Central Europe

When I was a student, I had the chance to visit many European cities through several student events and meetings. After my graduation, I chose to settle down in Germany and I’ve consequently had more opportunities to discover Europe thanks to the central location of the country.

Having been in 15 countries and 31 cities, I got the idea to summarize my reviews and share my opinion and some pictures I have taken for the destinations which I found the best in this continent :-) So let’s start:

#5: Oberstdorf, Germany: located at the German-Austrian boarders, this place is known for its pure nature, high mountains and waterfalls. It’s so clean, that the water has a special blue tint which you can not see somewhere else. It’s just a magic color. I once went hiking in the mountains of this region and the kind of landscapes that I crossed during the trek are just breath-taking. A mixture between the rocky mountains of Austria, the green meadows of Germany and like always: a view to the Swiss Alps by a good weather.

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#4: Bled, Slovenia: Slovenia is a quite small country situated in southern Europe. I had the chance to discover it during a trip organized by some friends living in Munich. We spent a couple of days in Lubjliana, the capital city, and then we headed to Bled, a small city in the center of the country. This place is famous thanks a to an old castle built on a mountain’s edge with a speechless view on a big lake. In the middle of the lake, there is a small island, on which a Monastery was built. When you see this combination from the view point situated on the other side of the city, you get the feeling that you are in some kind of a fairy tale. This place is recommended for summer.

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#3: Black Forest, Germany: I’ve lived in this great region of Germany for 2 months when I was doing an internship. The nature and the landscape I was seeing on my way to and from work were just breathtaking. I never got enough of that place. This huge forest has just a unique charm which you can not find somewhere else. The colors, the density of the trees, the high hills and the blick to the Swiss Alps in the horizon is just undescribable. I discovered this region even more when I camped there over one weekend in Autumn. I will let the pictures I have taken speak for themselves because I’m out of words.

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#2: Zell am See, Austria: It was during a student event (Jade Spring Meeting) that I discovered this hidden paradise. The event took place in Vienna. After it ended, my 5 close friends and I decided to spend one more week in Zell am See. It’s actually a small city on the board of a big lake, that has a magic color of dark blue. The whole is surrounded by high mountains covered with snow over the 4 seasons. The must-see places here are just too many. One week was not enough for us. From hiking the highest mountain in Austria “Grossglockner”, to visiting the Medival Ages Festival in Kaprun, through walking on the Gorges built on a big river, ending up with a tour around the lake. This place has been one of the best ones I have ever visited in my life.

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#1: Tirol, Italy-Austria-Germany: I haven’t had the chance to visit this place yet. But I have often driven through it and took advantage of the landscapes on the road. I also could rely one my friends’ opinions and pics, who where there. I could see how beautiful this region is through their stories. I think this region is the best beautiful one in whole Europe. Maybe what makes it unique, is that it’s situated between 3 countries: Germany, Austria and Italy. I am planning to hike and camp in this region so I think I’ll be able to describe it better later. Those are my friends’ pictures and not mine.

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I hope I could help you guys in your choice and which place is to visit the first. I tried to stick with a short descriptions of the destinations  and let the pics that I have taken be more expressive than words.

If you find this article helpful, don’t hesitate to share it within your network. It will surely help other people seeking some adventure and get lost in nature and they’ll thank you later ;-)

Have a nice trip and a good hiking !

5 Comments on “My top 5 in-nature destinations in Central Europe

  1. I may go hiking in Tyrolia, around Galtür again this summer, from hut to hut. I’ve done that before, and overall I’ve been to Galtür close to 30 times, but I never get tired of that landscape :)

    Good choice for #1!


      • I was thinking just that, but there is no real plan yet, just the wish. I certainly have you in mind with respect to hiking!


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