One day at the Festival of Cultures in Stuttgart

Stuttgart, the sixth biggest city in Germany is situated in the South-Western region of the country. It’s not only one of the economy corner stones of Europe with the headquarters of Bosch, Porsche and Mercedes, but also one of the most intercultural and international cities in Germany.

Nominated officially as Germany’s city of culture last year, Stuttgart yearly hosts the famous festival of cultures which takes place every July in front of the city hall. With the participation of more than 30 countries all over the world, the festival aims to provide a perfect atmosphere to discover and enjoy the gastronomy and traditions of the different nations of the globe.

Tunisia was as usual among the participating countries through its association in Stuttgart called VtAS (Verein der tunesischen Akademiker in Stuttgart). As members of this association, we had a stand, between Peru and Mongolia and we sold our famous traditional food: Couscous and Merguez. As the weather was really hot on those days, we offered some fresh cocktails too. We expected to sell 400 portions of Couscous and we finished by an almost-out-of-stock stand by the end of the day.

As we were already enough people volunteering, I had the chance for a tour through the stands of the festival and I discovered for the first time this year Korean and Cuban food. It was a pure delight. At the same time, there was a live music in parallel the whole day, following a specific agenda, to cover the trend of every participating country. Dancing crews were also offering a gorgeous show on the stage, giving a perfect mixture between music and dance.

So if you are a cultural addict with continuous curiosity to discover other countries and it happens that you are nearby Stuttgart in July, come by and don’t miss the opportunity when all countries come to you at the same place!

See you next year…

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