Day 0: The Departure to the Olympic Games

I made it to the train to Frankfurt airport just in time. My mind started to relax only when I finally sat and realized how close this dream has become. Then I started playing back in my head how my day was…

I’ve already started to be nostalgic as I closed the house door in the morning. I was thinking: this is the last walk to the car, this the last drive and this is the last day at work before this long experience…

The plan was to leave the office early and head back home for one hour to sort out what is still left outside my luggage, then take the subway to the main station of Stuttgart at 5 pm. I was worried because I just found out that I can’t have 2 separate pieces of hand luggage. But I had no choice because I wanted to carry my camping stuff with me and the suitcase was already full of some presents for Brazilian friends I got to know before. But then I said let’s find a solution with the guy at the check-in counter.

My flight is scheduled at 21:50. Honestly I was a little bit afraid, God I will cross the Atlantic Ocean. I could not forget that Air France plane who crashed near Rio a couple of years ago. But let’s control the thoughts, and try to bring up some positive ones :-)

I’ve been waiting for this almost 2 years. It all began when I found by chance that Rio2016 Volunteering Programme is looking for volunteers for the first Olympic Games in South America. I liked the idea and I applied in November 2014. The Games period is in August 2016 and this was for me too far away in the future at that time. I had no idea what it could happen in the meantime.

I waited several months after the written application, then a couple of months after the first interview, then many other months for the second interview, then another couple of months for the final decision and to finally discover my role in the games.

The whole process lasted 2 years. But here I am on my way to Brazil now. Let’s see how the result of a 2-year waiting is gonna look like. I’m full of energy, I could set up many expectations, and I’m hoping that this experience will make me a better person. I’ll know people from all over the world, different generations, different cultures, I’ll work with athletes and officials. I will discover another continent, another country. I’ll take care of people with special needs and help them make their dream come true. This what volunteering is all about.

Let’s see how this is gonna turn out…

To be continued…

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