Day 4: First days in the Olympic Village

I’m still having problems what day is today. I don’t know why but I’ve lost the order since my arrival. But this should be my third or fourth day in my Olympic shifts. I could already set up some routine and order to my days: I got a fix wake up time, I know where to have breakfast, I know my daily commutes and how to get to the village, the complicated check-in process to enter the village and where is what.

The first day was a training day, after the hundreds of slides that we had to go through and understand during the online training phase, it’s time for some face to face sessions. It was a good opportunity to get to know some concrete examples, to listen to some experienced people sharing some pieces of advice. We’ve been taught things like how to deal with media, how to best help the athletes, the officials and the coaches, how to spot unpermitted behaviors and how to solve tricky problems.

I was in charge of the Yemeni delegation. But honestly I often jump to the Tunisian one when I have nothing to do. Although the Yemeni delegation is a modest one composed of 11 persons, among them 4 athletes, they were inspiring me so much. They were all young and it’s so impressing to see how they could make their way, despite the war and the neglected sport’s situation in the country, to be among the best athletes in Athletics, Swimming and Weapon Control .

Hanging out in the village also brings a lot of positive energy. People practicing in the early mornings, delegations walking around in one uniform, volunteers everywhere running for something, small ceremonies and flags from all over the world in almost each floor of the 31 village buildings and much more… This is how the biggest multicultural place of the world looks like, it’s sad that it takes place each 4 years only.

As NOC Assistants (National Olympic Committee Assistants) we have an on-field job. We are here to fix the delegations’ problems. We have always to do the “va-et-vient” between the different village components: the Delegation House, the Welcome Center, the Sport Information Center, NOC Vehicle Parking Area, Training and Competition Venues, Village Plaza and sometimes to the Polyclinic. Target is to provide the athletes with the best atmosphere and help them focus on their training sessions and competitions. They are considered as our Clients…

To be continued…

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