Day 10: Ready, set, Rio !

I’ve been walking an average distance of 12-15km a day. So those “water bubbles” started to pop up on my feet and walking started to be really painful. But thank God things have started to calme down in the village after the Opening Ceremony rush. Most of logistic and organizational problems were solved, the most important administrative, training and competition areas are spotted by the delegation officials and coaches. Now it’s time for the athletes to focus on their competitions and trainings. So things started to move on smoothly in the village and it seems that everything is on track.

I was very busy with Judo the last days. One Yemeni athlete is a Judo player and had to intensively practice because he is one of the firsts to compete. so I had to go with him and his coach everyday to the Judo center. As I did not know Judo well before, this was a great opportunity for me to see what this sport is actually about. It turned out that a lot of courage and determination are required. As a Japenese sport, it’s also one of the most respectful weapon control desciplines. It’s all about succeeding to control your opponent. Controling means getting his or her back on the ground for at least 10 seconds or making him surrounder by pressing on his throat or twisting his hand. I even saw athletes letting their arms break because they did not wana surrounder or just tried too much to set themselves free.

As an NOC Assistant, I could walk inside the competition venues quite freely. I could get through the athletes and officials entry, means away from the spectators crowds, I could enter the athletes preparation area, and I could also walk through any seat area thanks to an ID-upgrade I got from my delegation. The only place I had no right to enter to is the field of play, which is normal as I’m neither an athlete nor a referee :-) It’s so inspiring to see athletes warming up minutes before the competition starts. Some were stressed, those are usually the new ones, and some have enough confidence, and those usually were world champions in the past.


Meanwhile I got to know many great volunteers around the village and at our NOC center. So there is always good company and things to do wherever you are in the village. And this is the best thing about being a volunteer inside the village. I liked this place, a lot, to a point that I easily get up at 6:30 in the morning and have no problems staying here until late in the evening. It starts to feel like a new Home…

To be continued…

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