Day 13: Today is Athletics Day !

Today all eyes are turning to the Olympic Stadium of Rio. Athletics officially start today with the preliminaries and they are known as the greatest discipline of all Olympic Sports. For Tunisians, it all about the champion Hbiba Ghribi. She will participate in the 3000m steeples on August 13th and hopefully she will make it to the finals on August 15th. I’m planning to go there on both days. I ensured a couple of free tickets although I think I can enter with my accreditation and its upgrade to even have a seat in the Family and NOC Officials area :-)

In Barra, where the Olympic Village is, it’s been cloudy, windy and rainy since good while. It makes me feel not very well or positive because it reminds me of the bad weather I’d been bearing for months in Germany. I’m certainly not meant for this kind of climate. selfishly thought: it’s sad that it’s Winter here…

But as usual, let’s exchange negative thoughts with a positive ones. Here you can feel the sport vibes wherever you go in Rio, on the streets, at the beach, in the metros, anywhere. On my way home yesterday evening I could not believe my eyes when I saw the lines of spectators and visitors near the Olympic Park. I think the last time I saw so many people was in 2011 during the Tunisian Revolution :-) People smile to you, you always get to know somebody on your way and during your commutes and you can see volunteers everywhere thanks to our special clothing. We are 50.000 but we are spread all through the city of Rio. You can not feel lonely even for a second in this part of the world during such a huge event.

It’s been two weeks that I’m here now. When I stop for a while, in the middle of this rush I’ve been living each day and think how fast time goes by, I feel so upset. Although I’m staying here for two months, I don’t want this great time to quickly run out and comes to the end without taking advantage of each single second. So I’m doing my best…

To be continued…

One Comment on “Day 13: Today is Athletics Day !

  1. Hi Achraf,

    thank you for sharing your Rio 2016 experience with us! :)

    I recently read a funny comment from an athlete saying that the trays in the Olympic Village mensa usually only hold 2 plates, but that the rugby players manage to put 4 or 5 plates on them xD

    Greetings! And looking forward to more updates,


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