Day 21: Why I am doing Paralympics

It’s 11:12 am and it’s the beginning of September. People say it’s Monday of the year but thank God I’m not having this feeling because I’m living a dream with great people here in a parallel world, the world of enthusiasm, positiveness and solidarity. I lost the notion of days order because I work on weekends and my days off of are scarce and impredictable.

My Olympic delegation left 2 weeks ago and I still miss them a lot here. I still look at the building where they used to live in the village. I still have in mind the way we shared to the different competition and training venues and the moment of stress and happiness we lived together during the whole journey. After all what we’ve been through, a special relationship was born between us. We still text eachother from time to time and exchange news. They became true friends of a lifetime.

I was back to the village few days ago after a short trip around Brasil. The 6 free days I unexpectedly got were the only chance to discover this beautiful conutry. After my return, the village looked somehow sad because only some paralympic delegations have arrived yet and most of the volunteers had to leave back to their countries. Only few stayed for the Paralympics but some new one kept showing up each day. The team of NOC / NPC Assistants is getting a new shape :)

Although the Paralympic Games are not as famous as the Olympic ones -which I find so unfair and upsetting, they carry and spread huge amount of emotions, the kinda emotions that can change your whole life for good. I’m usually not an emotional person but the bunch of things I’ve been feeling when I walk through the village or when I re-watch the video I made for Tunisia’s welcoming ceremony always succeed to trigger some tears in my eyes. Being a disabled person or someone with special needs is an achievment in itself. Handicaped persons are champions already. Being a disabled athlete is the step above the step of being a Champion. It’s the step above success, it’s the step… I don’t know how to call it. When I see blind people practice, disabled athletes run, cycle, swim, winning medals, breaking records and how they cowork together and help eachother, I feel so meaningless and so f*cking small in this world, I feel that my “life problems” are so trifle and trivial, if not stupid. The point is we don’t become aware of this unless we get exposed to such an experience in our life. Humans tend to forget. That’s why we need such reminders to be thankful enough for our health and try to bring more to this world. It’s in other words the Pursuit of Happiness I tried to explain in another article.

That’s why I did my best and everything to make it to stay for Paralympics. It was anything but easy to make it come true. But I needed it. I need to wake myself up. I need to rediscover myself. I need to see me from another angle, a different angle. The opposite angle of, routine, obviousness and casual problems of our daily life. We need to sparkle our creativity, refresh our minds with unusual feelings. We need to remind ourselves that we are still alive, free, with abilities. Because that’s where energy and motivation comes from, the kind of energy and motivation we need to achieve our goals in life, to thrive to success and, to achieve.

To be continued…


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