Day 36: Volunteers for Volunteers, forever

It is coming to an end. All this experience, all those nice moments, all those great events are over, or almost. People around have started to feel nostalgic already. I was trying to enjoy those last days the most. I stayed in the village as long as possible. I kept saying each day, this has to be my last day here, because I wanted to travel around this beautiful country, I wanted to buy some gifts for friends and family. However I unconsciously found myself devoting all my days to this great place, the Olympic and Paralympic Village, the biggest multicultural and international village in the whole world and which takes place only each four years.

We, volunteers, should be proud of what we did. They call us the tireless souls of the games. We devoted our time and we sacrified a lot to be here without expecting anything in return, we spontaneously came together to help Brazil organize the first Olympic and Paralympic Games ever in South America. Some of us stayed awake nights long, some of us were homeless for a while, some of us struggled to achieve challenging tasks and almost none of us gave up. It was not easy, but we DID it, and we should be proud.

We are a family now, probably the biggest family ever. Each one of us is special, each one of us has a different story and each one of us came here to achieve something and make plans for the future. We shared one aim for two months, we were here for each other all the time no matter, we ran to anyone who needs help, we rushed to anyone who was in need of support, we worked hard to make this happen. And now we still have only one more step before celebrating success. We became connected somehow, all what we have been through, all what we have lived and wintessed together, joy, stress, sadness, madness, pressure, frustration, happiness, fun and relief, has created a strong relationship between eachother, an ever-lasting one.

Goodbyes are horrible. But let’s try a positive way of thinking. We are leaving, but we have lived a unique experience, we learned a lot, and we can feel that we are not the same anymore. We went through a life-changing experience, and now we have to go back where we belong to and change the way we used to live, to re-shape our future goals, to try this new mindset which we developed here. Goodbyes are only horrible when we lived a great experience. And it was the case. We will be physically away from each other, but we will always have this special link between us, our friendship is special, strong and valuable, we will be always here for each other, forever.

To be continued

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