A Letter to Brazil

It’s been a week that my body is back and only few days that my mind finally decided to join it, or at least a part of it. I hate the fact that all what I have lived there is turning in memories. Because then it starts to feel like a dream, but it’s not. I didn’t want to forget a single thing from the two month journey, so I decided to write down all the things that I’m missing already in that beautiful country and combining them with the best pictures I could ever take there.

Brazil, I’m gonna miss your crowded buses and BRTs even on Wednesday at 2 am, how many they are. I was wondering whether you have more buses than cars. I’m gonna miss how drivers drive. I’m gonna miss those people who smile to you wherever you are for no reason, their warm looks, their spontaneous welcoming acts, their limitless friendliness, their openness and above all their comments when they found out that I’m not Brazilian. I’m never gonna forget what a fifty-year-old man once said to me: “But you look like a fucking Carioca!”

Brazil, I’m gonna miss. No, I’m already missing your great food. I’m missing the cold Açai, the warm Pão de Queijo in the early mornings, the Coxinha which I couldn’t resist wherever I find it. I even miss the beans and rice I had to eat every single day in the Olympic Village. I miss the Guaracamp drink, the green long leaves in the salad, the salty and sweet Tapiocas and above all the great Doce de Leite Dessert !

Brazil, I’m gonna miss the gorgeous nature you have, those high vertical mountains in Rio, those lakes everywhere and those wavy beaches around. I will never forget the sunset in Niterói. I will never forget how I could make it to the top of Pedra da Gávea, to Pico do Papagaio in Ilha Grande, uphill biking to Toboga and Pedra Branca Waterfalls near Paraty. I’m gonna miss watching sea turtles coming out of the water to breath in Ubatuba and the deep inhale noise they make. I’m gonna miss camping under your breath-taking clear sky, where I saw for the first time in my life the Milky Way with with a naked eye. I’m gonna forget hiking through your so alive jungles and the scary noises that animals around cause, especially that scary monkeys noise I once heard.

Brazil, I’m gonna miss your markets, the metro and BRT station names, the Brazilian craziness about football and volleyball. I’m gonna miss your music, the famous dances, the favellas, the endless Avenida das Americas in Barra, Recreio, the Maracanã Stadium. I’m gonna miss each one of the great friends I could make there. You guys are just irreplaceable… I’m gonna  your “winter”, how fast it gets dark during sunset and finally the feeling of your warm wind on my face…

Brazil, I miss you and I always will.

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