Explore Tunisia’s hidden beauties with #OneMonth4Tunisia

It was funny how this idea came to my mind, and it was so overwhelming and emotional how it ended.

I was spending some great moments in my homeland last December and I was so keen to do something different this time. That’s how the idea of cycling through North-Western the country popped up. It was one of those charming afternoons in the old town of Tunis when I sat together with 2 great friends, Haithem and Safa (I love you guys) and started planning this 3-day journey.

A couple of days later, I had one of the best trips in my life. I’ll never forget the fun and the adventures we’ve had when we camped in the forest of Bni M’tir the first night and in front of the beach in Tabarka the second one.

When I went back home, I was sorting out the photos that I had taken, and then I somehow got caught by the nostalgia of checking older ones. I found out that I actually have not very bad pictures that I have taken over the past few years across almost the whole country.

Then I said, why should those shots stay forever in my archive? Why don’t I share them with the World so that travellers get inspired? So that people get to know some new beautiful spot in this tiny but amazing country ? And that’s how this started…

I gave myself a challenge: I committed to post one photo per day of a place I’ve been to, during the whole month of February. I named it #OneMonth4Tunisia and I started it on Facebook and Instagram.

During the whole month, I was amazed and surprised by a lot of my friends who liked the idea and spontaneously decided to join me in this online campaign, either by sharing their own pictures or just  reposting mine. The campaign reached thousands of people.

I felt proud, and surrounded by great people who were following the campaign and asking about the places where I took the photos. My happiness was event bigger when some online magazines also shared my album and talked about those amazing places in their articles like those posts of Highlights, Jeune Afrique, Tunisie.co, Huffington Post Maghreb-Tunisie.

Now it’s been some days that it’s over and I feel kind of empty. Then I said to myself, this should NOT stop, I’ll transform it in something everlasting, a lifetime. I am so thankful to each and everyone who believed in this idea and joined me. Really, thank YOU.

Here is the album, just click on each picture to see it in High Quality and read where they have been taken :-)

This country is full of beautiful hidden spots, let’s explore them and take care of them and above all, let’s share them with our friends because this country is worth telling :-)

Stay Tuned, Achraf

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