This kind of retaining Love I have

March has always been a special month for me. Some years ago, a lot happened during this period of the year. A set of events and decisions which reshaped my life in a different way. Maybe to a better way ? I never knew.

Today especially is way more special. On this day -and some others- I usually become emotional, nostalgic, thoughtful about a special place in this World. The funny thing is, I wasn’t used to feel so 5 years ago. I changed. A big decision got me deprived of many many things I was taking for granted.

I am part of those bunch of people who had this chance to travel a lot throughout the world. The thing is, no matter where I was, I learned something new. Not about culture and world traditions and all that -sure I did- but about myself: Who I am, where I belong to. What should I devote a considerable part of my life to?

I did feel good when I was hanging out alone or with friends somewhere in Brazil looking for Tapioca or Coxinha, my favourite street food there. I did also feel well surrounded when I was exploring nature in South Thailand’s breath-taking islands with my beloved wife. I did feel so alive again when we also discovered Indonesia’s wonders, rafting through the tropical jungle of Bali or trying extreme watersports at Waterbom. I did even feel in the future when we first put our foot in Singapore. But during all those enriching journeys, it has always been that feeling missing…

There is special a feeling you can have only when you are in ONE place. This kind of place we even talk about in Times Square, one of the most international place in the world. There you can read big and loud: East, West, Home is Best. And I miss feeling Home.

Yes, I do miss feeling Home. I do miss thousands of things I was taking there for granted. I miss your language, I miss your food, I miss your people I miss your fun. I miss your Life. Motherland, I miss you. Happy Independence Day, see you Tunisia :’)

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