Why I left Technical Sales

Yet another step in my professional career which I want to share with you guys. It was during one of those long July days with its typical German weather (guess what is it?) that I decided to give the freedom to my pen during the lunch break in the office. Remember why I left Engineering for Sales? Well here is the other side of the coin to complete the full picture :)

Two years spent in Technical Sales. When I just give them a throwback, oh my God there is so much I have been through. From the job-introduction phase (which was not a smooth one I must say) to being by yourself in customer face-to-face meetings and handling one million things at the same time, I damn learned a lot the hard way.

There is a last day for everything

Sales is a dynamic job. You need to have an uncommon level of flexibility, multi-tasking and an easy-going instant-problem-solving mindset. In other words, you will work hard like a dog and will put many life standards and social goals on hold. You also need to quickly find door-openers for hopeless situations and solve any kind of problems others cause. Ingredients? Patience, ever-lasting nerves and Caffeine.

Having all this (or having them learned) your job will become independent from your office. It will settle down in your mind and will escort you in all your day activities. Your office will fit into your laptop, your phone, train and flights. You will also take breaks from work to talk about work. If you wanna do a corporate career and ready to invest more, it will even become for somebody like me much worse: Work = Life.

I am not a corporate-career guy (something I discovered during my 4-year work experience) and I don’t want corporate-management positions (if you do, Sales is a good start point). I believe, a part from making more and more money for solving countless “others’ problems”, there is other life goals in this world (yes, there is a life out there) worth investing your time in.

Then came the decision after realizing all this. It is true that you also can learn something from working on customer strategies, bringing products on the markets and analysing one thousand “might-happen” scenarios. However I don’t wanna spend the rest of my life and health writing offers and hoping for the best or running after soap-bubbles and keep thinking they will exist forever. So I moved on…

I moved on because I believe I learned the skills I wanted to acquire, because after a certain point of time I found out that I give way more than I get in return, because it’s more meaningful that I actually work on developing a concrete product than solving everlasting problems for money.

I belong to those bunch of people who think that Sales should not be a permanent job. Let it be a station, an experience where you learn something new and then resume your way of life. Nevertheless, I didn’t want the skills I learned to disappear due to lack of practice, so I landed in Application Engineering with Customer Acquisition Support – yes, only support :)


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