The secret beauty of Czech Republic

We decided to visit back Czech Republic on the day before. Yes, this is as last-minute as we can be :-) The plan was to re-visit Prague for some time and remember the old good days. We ended up spinning around the country like a crazy!

We discovered breath-taking places and I then I said, well this needs to be shared. I’m gonna (try at least) to be short this time and get you right to the point:

North: Visit the Bohemian Switzerland National Park. It was a great discovery for us The place is known for its sandstone rock formations, wild valleys & frozen waterfalls. A pure paradise for Natue lovers like me

– Prague: avoid visiting the city on weekends. It goes crazy and sometimes chaotic. It is not worth it anymore to walk around on busy days. We visited it on Thursday and it was quite empty and cozy

– South: another discovery was the medival city of Cesky Krumlov, or the city of colours. A quite and cozy village at the Austrian borders worth spending a break from the modern world. I will just let the photos speak…

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