My Social Engagement & Volunteering

Held positions & responsibilities:

  • 2016: NOC/NPC Assistant – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,
    at Rio 2016 Olympic & Paralympic Games

– Assist, support and help National Olympic & Paralympic Committees in the Olympic Village and in the Venues to ensure a smooth participation in the games and competitions
– Coordination and collaboration with Rio2016 Organization Team during the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and during the stay of the delegations.
– Synchronization and support for Athletes, Coaches and Administratives for any kind of help and need.

  • 2014: Supervisor of Observers – Stuttgart Sector, Germany
    at Mourakiboun, an Independent and Apolitical 10810090_469541646519722_1810021393_nElections Observation NGO

– Supervision of a 15-member group of national independent observers of the civil Tunisian society during Tunisia Parlement and Presidential Elections.
– Realtime coordination with other supervisors in Germany.
– Reporting and synchronization with Germany national coordinator.

  • 11.2012 –03.2014: (1,5 year) Founder and President
    of ENSI Alumni Association (ENSIAA): Association des Diplômés de l’ENSI (ADENSI)Capture

– Set the environmental, administrative and official papers and documents needed for the association to be recognized in Tunisia and abroad.
– Recruit and lead the first Executive Board for the association.
– Establish the organization’s strategy, goals and methodology and initiate areas of influence (companies – university – NGOs)

  • 09.2012 – 03.2013 (6 months): Co-founder and Interim Coordinator and Communication Manager
    at the Tunisian Confederation of Junior Enterprises (JET – Junior Enterprises of Tunisia)12240154_690911887712413_8557915299454601262_n

– Help during the needed administrative and functional steps of the creation of a confederation in Tunisia
– Support during the organization of the first national official seminar which gathered more than 300 junior entrepreneurs in Tunisia.
– Interim responsibility of marketing, content creation and community management of the confederation.

  • 01.2011 – 03.2012: (1 year) IEEE Student Member, President and Founder
    of IEEE ENSI Student Branch, an IEEE-dependent organizationieee

– Initiate the creation of the organization within the university and collaboration with IEEE Tunisia Section and IEEE in the USA.
– Identify interesting societies for university student and make for each a presentation campaign (more than 50 students members are gathered for IEEE in one month of work)
– Recruit the following Executive Board and made an official handover of activities.

  • 09.2011 – 09.2012: (1 year)  International Relations Manager
    at ENSI Junior Enterprise11665655_925767490813890_446222549143744492_n

– Recruit an international team for the working mandate
– Establish collaboration projects abroad between ENSI Junior Enterprise and abroad (Europe, Morocco and Brazil)
– Regular synchronization, update and feedback meeting with Junior Enterprises abroad.

  • 09.2011 – 03.2012: (1 year) Communication Manager
    at ENSI Microsoft Club1898147_707259926022486_8920489810509434588_n

– Took care of marketing and communication of the club’s activities throughout the year.
– Organizing Committee Member of the Second Microsoft Students Seminar in Tunisia.

  • 09.2010 – 02.2012: (1,5 year) President and Public Relations Responsible
    at ENSI Junior Enterprise11665655_925767490813890_446222549143744492_n

– Lead a 12-member team throughout the mandate (technical projects coordinator, Head of the organization of ENSI Career Forum)
– Made interviews for new and potential organization members.
– Initiate first contact with Junior Enterprises abroad (Torino in 2010, Brussels in 2011 and Vienna in 2012)

  • 09-12.2011: On-field Coordinator at the organizing boardCapture
    of ENSI Alumni Conference

– Development of the dedicated website and the necessary marketing in- and outside the university
– Coordination and collaboration with Alumni in Germany, Canada and Tunisia.
– Head of a 25-member on-site organization committee.

  • 01-03.2012: Head of the organizing committee
    of ENSI Careers Forumensi

– Deep engagement of every part of the event (Planning, Sponsoring, Budget, Marketing, Logistics and Communication)
– Head of a 90-member on-site organizing team.
– Gave the welcoming word and Moderator of the panel discussion during the whole event.

International participations:

11.2013 Guest-Speaker in the European ConferenceCapture

“Labour Migration to Europe: On the Lookout for a Sustainable Approach”, an event held and organized by the GIZ in Brussels, Belgium (Deutsche Gesellschaft für international Zusammenarbeit.

08.2012: IEEE Student Branch Tunisia Representative305878_297051826985729_466382207_n

during the event: Student Branches Congress (SBC) held and organized by local IEEE in Madrid, Spain

03.2011: Participant in the International Congress of Youth Entrepreneurshiplogo_jade_-_european_confederation_of_junior_enterprises1

in Brussels, Belgium, organized by JADE (Junior Association for Development in Europe) known as the European Confederation of Junior Enterprises.

10.2009 – 08.2011: 3 JADE Meetings Guest-Participant from Tunisialogo_jade_-_european_confederation_of_junior_enterprises1

with a mission to expand the network and the concept of Junior-Enterprises in North-Africa.

– Jade October meeting in 2010, Torino, Italy.
– JADE Summer Meeting in 2011, Brussels, Belgium
– Summer JADE Meeting in 2011 in Vienna, Austria

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