Travel & Volunteer !

From home to work and then from work to home? I would suicide if I live like that. I don’t know when exactly I got the volunteering virus but I live in peace with it. Even better: Happier. Because I am doing something for the others and for the world…

I always try to do something for me, but also something for the, Community, for the Country, for the World, for the other You.

Give and Take, Learn more, Invest in you surroundinfs, and you will love it…



– Held positions & responsibilities –


  • 2017 – December: Elections Observation’s Country Coordinator – Across Germany
    at Mourakiboun, an Independent and Apolitical Elections Observation NGO

– Recrutment of 50+ civil society observers during Tunisia Partial Parlement Elections.
– Reporting, supervision and synchronization with the local supervisors
– Realtime coordination with the core team in Tunisia

  • 2017 – October: Workshop Leader at the Regional Youth Parlement of Baden Württemberg – Stuttgart, Germany
    at Landesjugendring BW

– The official Youth Parlement in Baden-Württemberg where youth gets 1-to-1 discussions with their regional deputies to discuss civic and political topics
– First version including participation of refugees in the event and giving them the chance to join the civic and political activities.
– Workshop Leader for the topic: Refugees and Integration bringing together youth and deputies


  • 2017 – April: Volunteer  at the Entrepreneurship Forum For Emerging Markets – Lausanne, Switzerland
    at Seedstars 

– An entrepreneurship summit bringing together 75+ startups from the fast growing startup hubs around the world compete for equity investment of up to $1,000,000
– Support Seedstars team to ensure entrepreneurs, mentors and investors the perfect environment to find opportunities and make business

  • 2016: NOC/NPC Assistant – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,
    at Rio 2016 Olympic & Paralympic Games

– Assist, support and help National Olympic & Paralympic Committees in the Olympic Village and in the Venues to ensure a smooth participation in the games and competitions
– Coordination and collaboration with Rio2016 Organization Team during the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and during the stay of the delegations.
– Synchronization and support for Athletes, Coaches and Administratives for any kind of help and need.

  • 2014: Supervisor of Observers – Stuttgart Sector, Germany
    at Mourakiboun, an Independent and Apolitical Elections Observation NGO

– Supervision of a 15-member group of national independent observers of the civil Tunisian society during Tunisia Parlement and Presidential Elections.
– Realtime coordination with other supervisors in Germany.
– Reporting and synchronization with Germany national coordinator.

  • 11.2012 –03.2014: (1,5 year) Founder and President
    of ENSI Alumni Association (ENSIAA): Association des Diplômés de l’ENSI (ADENSI)Capture

– Set the environmental, administrative and official papers and documents needed for the association to be recognized in Tunisia and abroad.
– Recruit and lead the first Executive Board for the association.
– Establish the organization’s strategy, goals and methodology and initiate areas of influence (companies – university – NGOs)

  • 09.2012 – 03.2013 (6 months): Co-founder and Interim Coordinator and Communication Manager
    at the Tunisian Confederation of Junior Enterprises (JET – Junior Enterprises of Tunisia)

– Help during the needed administrative and functional steps of the creation of a confederation in Tunisia
– Support during the organization of the first national official seminar which gathered more than 300 junior entrepreneurs in Tunisia.
– Interim responsibility of marketing, content creation and community management of the confederation.

  • 01.2011 – 03.2012: (1 year) IEEE Student Member, President and Founder
    of IEEE ENSI Student Branch, an IEEE-dependent organizationieee

– Initiate the creation of the organization within the university and collaboration with IEEE Tunisia Section and IEEE in the USA.
– Identify interesting societies for university student and make for each a presentation campaign (more than 50 students members are gathered for IEEE in one month of work)
– Recruit the following Executive Board and made an official handover of activities.

  • 09.2011 – 09.2012: (1 year)  International Relations Manager
    at ENSI Junior Enterprise

– Recruit an international team for the working mandate
– Establish collaboration projects abroad between ENSI Junior Enterprise and abroad (Europe, Morocco and Brazil)
– Regular synchronization, update and feedback meeting with Junior Enterprises abroad.

  • 09.2011 – 03.2012: (1 year) Communication Manager
    at ENSI Microsoft Club1898147_707259926022486_8920489810509434588_n

– Took care of marketing and communication of the club’s activities throughout the year.
– Organizing Committee Member of the Second Microsoft Students Seminar in Tunisia.

  • 09.2010 – 02.2012: (1,5 year) President and Public Relations Responsible
    at ENSI Junior Enterprise

– Lead a 12-member team throughout the mandate (technical projects coordinator, Head of the organization of ENSI Career Forum)
– Made interviews for new and potential organization members.
– Initiate first contact with Junior Enterprises abroad (Torino in 2010, Brussels in 2011 and Vienna in 2012)

  • 09-12.2011: On-field Coordinator at the organizing boardCapture
    of ENSI Alumni Conference

– Development of the dedicated website and the necessary marketing in- and outside the university
– Coordination and collaboration with Alumni in Germany, Canada and Tunisia.
– Head of a 25-member on-site organization committee.

  • 01-03.2012: Head of the organizing committee
    of ENSI Careers Forumensi

– Deep engagement of every part of the event (Planning, Sponsoring, Budget, Marketing, Logistics and Communication)
– Head of a 90-member on-site organizing team.
– Gave the welcoming word and Moderator of the panel discussion during the whole event.

  • 11.2013 Guest-Speaker in the European ConferenceCapture

“Labour Migration to Europe: On the Lookout for a Sustainable Approach”, an event held and organized by the GIZ in Brussels, Belgium (Deutsche Gesellschaft für international Zusammenarbeit.

  • 08.2012: IEEE Student Branch Tunisia Representative305878_297051826985729_466382207_n

during the event: Student Branches Congress (SBC) held and organized by local IEEE in Madrid, Spain

  • 03.2011: Participant in the International Congress of Youth Entrepreneurshiplogo_jade_-_european_confederation_of_junior_enterprises1

in Brussels, Belgium, organized by JADE (Junior Association for Development in Europe) known as the European Confederation of Junior Enterprises.

  • 10.2009 – 08.2011: 3 JADE Meetings Guest-Participant from Tunisialogo_jade_-_european_confederation_of_junior_enterprises1

with a mission to expand the network and the concept of Junior-Enterprises in North-Africa.

– Jade October meeting in 2010, Torino, Italy.
– JADE Summer Meeting in 2011, Brussels, Belgium
– Summer JADE Meeting in 2011 in Vienna, Austria

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