Who I am

Yo! It’s Achraf,

I am an Engineer with the body based in Germany and the soul in Tunisia, where I originally come from.

You might have noticed it through my Instagram, I am one of those who have the traveling fiever, together with the volunteering addiction :-)

Walk Beside Me is my blog, where I share about my life-journey and highlight some marking milestones. This is where I write about my way of seeing things, share my experience in this life and exchange opinions and thoughts with you. So, welcome to my mind :-)

I believe that sharing some know-how, thoughts, life lessons and ideas can’t be but always positive. Why? Because it might help someone somewhere else.

I believe that a simple blog-post could be useful for anyone and could even be a starting point for a positive change.

I believe that connected positive minds are stronger. So connect with similar souls and invest in the community.

Sometimes it is all about getting inspired, about knowing new people and learn from eachother. Sharing is caring. Just hear from somebody who has once been there…


Keep in touch, Ash

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